Revising your strategy? Developing your business model? Challenging your current perspective?

Our passion lies in facilitating our client’s process from insight to formulation and implementation. Our assignments span from long term projects – enabling the development of a new strategy or revising a business model – to short challenges like planning and facilitating an internal conference on the same topics.

We combine the science of strategy, innovation and management with the practical art of facilitation. Through curiosity, analysis and action we work to improve our clients’ abilities to reach new targets, objectives and milestones.

Every assignment is different but each will address one or all of the questions related to Insight, Ideation & Formulation and Implementation.



Taking the outset in our clients’ needs we bring relevant questions to frame the issue/-s at hand and the desired result. Once established we launch into a result-driven inquiry to which we bring a pragmatic yet established approaches. New insight can come from identifying opportunities and threats in the surrounding world and marketplace, from global trends to internal experiences; from suppliers to customers; from experts to industry research. Interviews, seminars, observations and document studies bring new perspectives, ideas and factual input.



Based on insight we facilitate the generation of new ideas, options and routes ahead. Together with our clients we analyse data, draw conclusion and create a new synthesis – an important step to enable implementation. We like to prototype preliminary conclusions and different options in words or physical models. Prototyping is a powerful way to visualize a new business model, strategy or parts thereof.



Implementing a new strategy or a business model is often perceived as the real challenge. Implementation and execution are all about closing the knowing-doing gap. We address this throughout the whole process. One important step is to bring people on board who will be in charge of execution at an early stage. Another is accepting that formulation and implementation go hand in hand, best managed through an iterative process. Communication is a third. We work with our clients, from the management team to their colleagues in different parts of the organisation, all the way to implementing the solutions.


We work with management teams in a variety of industry and service sectors – with businesses in the areas of Media, Energy, Medtech, Real Estate and Retail as well as Government institutions, Interest organisations and Think tanks. Sweden is our home base but our clients are found all over Europe. Our assignments are built on personal relations and trust. Confidentiality is often presumed.