Malin Olander Roese works with management teams on vision- and target driven strategy and business development.

Her passion lies in creating client owned synthesis to enable and accentuate implementation: From PowerPoints to Reality.

She has more than 15 years’ experience from working as a strategy and management consultant. Through MOOV she brings insight and pragmatic input, working individually or in constellations, based on your need as a client.

She started her career at the Foreign Ministry before moving to the Ministry of the Environment, followed by Kreab and strategic communications consultancy. Later she took on a challenge as CEO of one of the first e-commerce retail businesses in Sweden within the Bergendahl Group.

For the last decade Malin has combined her consultancy work, working through different constellations, with research at Lund University. With international experience and outlook, she shares her professional life today between practice and academia. She holds a Ph.D. from Lund University, The Faculty of Engineering where she remains active in research projects on strategy and innovation.

Malin Olander Roese is the founder of and consultant at MOOV. MOOV’s approach and perspective is formed by a network of professionals and academics; hard core specialists and funky entrepreneurs; inspirational speakers and authors.

Contact: malin.olander@moov.se

In the network

Carl-Johan Petri

Ph.D., corporate advisor, researcher and author on strategy and management control.

Carl-Johan specializes in implementation of strategies through balanced scorecards. He is a person who can make theoretical reasoning intriguing and hands-on for any company. Carl-Johan is also frequently invited speaker at conferences and seminars on the issues of strategy, management control and pricing strategies.

Contact: carl-johan@petri.org

Lena Oswald

MSc, strategy and management consultant at Interpares.

She has more than 20 years of experience from working with management teams and corporate boards on strategic positioning, business modelling, international expansion and new businesses development. Lena is a sought after senior adviser, offering sharp analytical skill and a particular talent for facilitating a process over the finish line. She remains a pillar through times of implementation and strategic change.

Contact: lena.oswald@ipk.se

Susanna Bill

Susanna Bill, MSc, senior expert and funky advisor on innovation and creativity at Sustenance. 

Susanna has that unique combination of big company experience and frame-breaking entrepreneurship, expressed not least in her own passion for food. She brings a new level to corporate innovation management and is also a sought after inspirational facilitator and speaker.

Contact: susanna.bill@sustenance.se

Johan Mårtensson

Creative director and marketing aficionado at Lgh50.

Former big company marketing manager gone solo to be able to combine his strategic market insight with his hands-on passion for design. He brings new ideas and execution to what already is, or comes up with new ways of doing and communicating things altogether.

Contact: johan.martensson@lgh50.se